Saturday, January 12, 2008

Need any books to read?

Eleanor, Zach, Kate, and I were supposed to get together with our playgroup today, but because of freezing rain, we ended up staying home. I used to get so mad as a kid/teenager when my fun plans would get canceled because of snow or bad weather. I still find it annoying, but I get over it quicker. When you make plans around here in the winter, there is a good chance that it will snow that day and you end up staying home. Eleanor did get to go next door to Jenn's house, which I was thankful for because she was so looking forward to playgroup and seeing her friends. It was good for the both of us for her to get out of the house. I had a super productive day going through our books and weeding out the ones we will never read again and novels that we can get at the library. Hopefully Matt will agree to get rid of the novels that are his that I don't believe we need anymore. I hate the rule that you can't declutter other people's things! We would have a lot less clutter if I could decide which of Matt's things we really need. :-) But I am good and I only get rid of his things when he gives the okay.
I went through the books because I wanted to make room on the bookshelves for the scrapbooks that have been lined up along the wall of the hall. I took the hall cleaning a step further and decided we didn't need anything in the hall (my scrapbook box, my scrapbook folder, extra portrait pictures of the kids, Matt's gun case, and an ugly foam mattress that Matt won't get rid of, which was sitting on top of the gun case. I stuck the gun case and mattress under our bed, which I am now realizing is a temporary solution since Matt made our new bed frame higher off the floor so we can store 5 gallon buckets under the bed for food storage...I guess I should stop putting things under the bed! But our hall looks so nice now with nothing in it! It will be much easier to vacuum now and will probably get vacuumed more often.

I got a call from the school today saying Emily was in the office complaining of a headache. I gave them permission to give her some Tylenol and hoped that she would be okay the rest of the day since I didn't have a car to go pick her up. She did make it the rest of the day, but when she got home she said her head still hurt and she sat on the chair and watched a movie. She perked up enough to play on the Webkinz site (Zoe and Emily received Webkinz cats (stuffed animals) for Christmas from their cousins and they LOVE getting on the internet site to play with their on-line pet. I had never heard of this Webkinz world or pets until Christmas. It's really neat. I like how the girls have to earn money to buy things to take care of their cats and they play games to earn that money. I'm thinking of buying Eleanor a Webkinz pet for Valentine's Day because she loves to watch Zoe & Emily play with their on-line cats and she has stated more than once how excited she will be when she gets one of her own. Anyway, I'd like to figure out what is causing Emily's headaches. She used to get them occasionally, but in the last week or two it has been every day or every other day.

Matt has cub scout training for church this weekend in Waterville (about an hour away), so he will be home late tonight and he'll be gone all day tomorrow. My Mom is at the same training. And come to think of it, I'm supposed to be at the training, too, but it was much easier for me to stay home than to find someone to watch the kids this weekend.

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Kris said...

Good job on the cleaning/decluttering! That is a great feeling. Actually that is what I am supposed to be doing right now...

I wonder what is causing Emily's headaches? I think your idea of getting her eyes checked was a good one. Or maybe she gets dehydrated at school? I hope you can get it figured out, because that is no fun.

I hope you are enjoying the weekend, even though Matt is not around!