Monday, January 07, 2008

Oh where oh where has my...gone?

I couldn't find Zach's milk cup last night when I was doing dishes and I couldn't figure out where it had gone. Matt found it this morning in his boot.
I found Zach's missing shoe today which has been missing for months now. It was in the computer armoire where all the wires are. Now Emily's blanket is missing. If I have learned anything today, I should look first in the last place I would normally look!

Eleanor got herself dressed today. She wore her shirt backwards all day and I noticed about halfway through the day that instead of taking her dirty underwear off and putting clean underwear on, she put the clean underwear over the dirty underwear.

My Mom gave us popsicles awhile ago that were getting freezer burnt, so I decided to melt them and make a juice. I think I should have stopped at the slush stage. The juice is good, but it is strong. It tastes pretty good when you drink it cold, but it doesn't taste so good as it warms up. Eleanor thought it was yummy (she was the only child that had a chance to try it today with me).

Eleanor picked MouseTrap for our game this evening during Family Home Evening. It went well until I broke a piece off the plumbing piece which Matt ended up taping back on, and then the game went on forever and ever. Zoe finally had the chance to trap Emily's mouse, but then the trap didn't work. She tried again on her next turn and it didn't work again, but Matt saw why it wasn't working, fixed it, and told her to try again, which she did and she trapped Emily's mouse...which of course did not make Emily happy. We ended the game there, Zoe declaring herself the winner. Matt (who dislikes playing most games and who is still not feeling well) stated that most people build the trap and then play with the trap to catch the mice instead of playing the game and having it go on and on and on. He has a point since I can't remember actually playing the game as a kid.

I have felt pretty good today except for an itchy nose and sneezing all day. Eleanor has done well avoiding the cold. Today was the first day she has really showed any signs of the cold as she sneezed snot out of her nose throughout the day. Zach still has a runny nose, but he is back to his old self. And Kate still has a runny nose, but she is looking and feeling better too. Now if we could just get Matt feeling better.

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Katie said...

sounds like sorta a "blah" day. Hope you all get better soon. I love mousetrap, I've gotta get that for Ry, he would love it!