Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Is it nap time yet?

Eleanor woke up this morning and said, "I can't breathe, my nose is full!" She was quite stuffed up.

I started my "Spring cleaning" yesterday. I'm in the mood to deep clean my house and I figured I better do it before I lose that desire and the energy to do it. I'm starting in the kitchen and the first thing to be done is washing the walls. I successfully cleaned off crayon and pencil marks on one section of the wall yesterday and it looks so nice...although no one noticed. The section of wall I intend to clean today will be noticed I think because it is quite dirty.

I've thought about leaving Eleanor's princess on the wall, but I don't want to encourage future drawings on the wall, so I'm going to wash it off.

Zach wants to wear his underwear today! Okay that lasted about 15 minutes. He sat on the toilet...on the very edge of the toilet so the pee would have gone all over the floor, but that was progress, he wore his underwear for 15 minutes until it was time to sit on the potty again, which he barely sat on the potty, and then decided he wanted to wear his diaper. So the diaper is back on and now I don't have to change wet underwear all day or clean the bathroom floor, which I was willing to do. I do feel like Zach is making progress just wanting to wear his underwear and he doesn't seem to be as afraid of the toilet, so I am happy about that.

It has been an interesting morning and it's only 9:00. I got a phone call from the school nurse saying that Emily is complaining of a headache. It has been a couple of weeks since her last headache. Emily got some Tylenol and hopefully she'll feel better and be able to finish out her day at school.
A member of our church called to see if the youth temple trip was still happening on Saturday since President Hinckley's funeral is now scheduled for Saturday. I didn't know the answer, but awhile later the Boston temple called to let me know that we need to reschedule because the temple is closing at noon and that is when the youth were scheduled to be there. So Matt if you're reading this before I talk with you, you get to be home Saturday. :-)

Eleanor has been watching our new Liken the Scriptures videos this morning. The company has made new DVD covers for their videos, so some of their DVDs with the old cover were on sale for half price. I got the story of "Esther and the King" and "Alma & King Noah's court". We already had "The First Christmas". These are fun scripture stories told in musical form to watch, and the kids are excited to have these movies to watch on Sunday, and other days as well.


mindyluwho said...

I'm so glad my potty training days are over (knock on wood)!

I have to keep passwords on our computer too, especially for the older ones as they will be on for hours on end...of course they don't have the best example...ummm, signing off now!

Cindy said...

Some days are just like that aren't they? It seems that everything happens before 9AM and gets crazier as the day goes on....

With a couple of my kids, when I was potty training, I bought a little potty chair and left it in the living room so they could sit on it whenever they wanted, even with their clothes on. I think it got them used to it and the idea of it. Who knows maybe it would help.
Good Luck!

Gabriela said...

LOL "although no one noticed." Isn't that how it always is?

Again, hats off to you; dealing with potty training, a baby, AND being pregnant all at the same time. I have never had more than one kid in diapers.

Glad you'll have your husband on Saturday. :)

Katie said...

ahh, potty training... it's the best of times, and the worst of times...That's too bad about your little girls headache, those are the worst! Hope she gets feeling better.