Thursday, January 10, 2008


Zoe and Emily had their 1st annual Snowfest at school today. It's a bummer that they didn't do it Tuesday since the snow was great for making snowmen, but today they did get to go snowshoeing, they went for a 2 mile walk, they went sledding, and they played Fox and Geese. After all this fun, they enjoyed hot chocolate and cookies inside the school before heading home. The music teacher used to own a bakery I hear and she made 300 cookies for the students!

Zoe went to bed at 8:00 this evening. She was so excited to stay up!...and Emily was bummed out this afternoon when Zoe found out she could stay up, but Emily was over it by the time she went to bed this evening. Maybe because she had a headache...she gets a lot of headaches, maybe we should have her eyes checked or something?

I have to end by stating that Eleanor is a tireless kid! I had the thought yesterday morning around 6:15 that Eleanor needs to learn how to relax in the morning. She wakes up and she is ready to play! And she was still going strong this evening before bed. It takes everything out of me to keep up with her!


Kris said...

I want to go to the Snowfest!

I think that's fun for Zoe to stay up later... I think the oldest deserves special privileges to go along with the extra responsibilities/ expectations of them! Hopefully it will keep working out for everyone... you need your quiet evenings, too.

Katie said...

I remember BEGGING my parents to let me syat up later so I could watch Inspector Gadget. They never gave in, Im sure your little girl is loving life. A later bed time is a big deal!

Dawn said...

I was the eldest of 5 and can remember when Mom let me quit taking naps. I had to lie down with the others, but got to get up when they went to sleep. I hated naps! Oh, how much I have changed!

I had a lot of responsibility placed upon me, as I'm sure Zoe will.

Phae-Jae said...

How fun for your kids, such a different world than we live in!