Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blog binder

When I started my blog in February of 2006, my Mom started printing out my posts so I could have a printed copy of my blog to put in a binder. She printed out all of 2006 and a few months of 2007. I am just now getting around to going through these papers and getting them ready to put in a binder. This is no easy task for me because my brain wants the posts to appear in chronological order starting from the front of the book, but the way the posts are printed out, my first post will start at the back of the book. At times I will get confused and it will take me a minute to adjust to the fact that March 24th will come before March 23rd. Plus there are duplicate pages so I'm weeding out the papers I don't need. Some of the copies do go in the correct chronological order, so I am adjusting them to the backwards order, which involves cutting and taping.
I am thankful for this printed copy of my blog that I have, thank you Mom! You saved me a lot of paper and ink (I'm still debating about the time :-). I will complete this 2006 binder of my blog and then I will print out my 2007 posts to put in our 2007 family scrapbook. And hopefully I will be able to keep up with the printing of 2008 as the year goes on...I'm only 17 days behind.


Janae said...

Joey, this is so great! I have hopes of doing something similar come this Feb. when I will have been blogging a whole year! I think it is such an amazing record of life:) Congratulations on this great accomplishment!

LaRae said...

My mother-in-law prints out my blog so that my father-in-law will read it. She showed me the binder when we were visiting them & was amazed. I am excited to have the record of my family that I do since I have been blogging. I will be blogging for a year come February as well!