Friday, January 18, 2008

Memory Lane

I forgot to mention how much fun I am having reading through my 2006 blog posts as I organize. It's weird that Emily was Eleanor's age and Zach was Kate's age. The kids really do grow up even though at times it feels like everything is always the same. Remember Eleanor decorating Zach's head with marker, Zach's broken leg, head lice, finding out I was pregnant with Kate, Our family camp out in the backyard, Emily starting Kindergarten, our interesting Christmas trip to Utah?! I love traveling down memory lane.

Here are some things that I will have fun remembering a few years from now. While enjoying a peaceful lunch today, Kate decided to sneak into our food closet, find a container of pepper, and dump it all over the floor. If she hadn't crawled into my view, she could have stayed there for a long time and I wouldn't have noticed, but she crawled into plain view with the pepper and continued to sprinkle pepper onto the floor. She thought it was great fun! At first I only saw the mess that she was currently making, but then I discovered that she had taken advantage of me not paying attention to her for awhile.

Silly of me to think that a quiet Kate was a good thing.

Eleanor wanted me to put a dress on her Barbie this afternoon. The dress is one where the Barbie hands get caught in the sleeves and it takes FOREVER to get the Barbie dressed. The sleeves of the dress were ripped from too many Barbie fingers getting caught in the thin material and I wasn't in the mood to wrestle with the Barbie and dress, so I decided to cut the sleeves off. Normally I would be all for a long sleeved modest dress, but in a moment of weakness, the sleeveless dress appealed to me...and frankly still does. After cutting the sleeves and putting the dress on the Barbie (which was very quick and so much easier!), Eleanor looked at the Barbie curiously and asked, "What about the sleeves?"
Me: "I cut them off."
Eleanor: "Why?"
Me: "Because they were all ripped."
Eleanor: "Oh looks beautiful!"
Yes, I am a bad influence, and the next time she wants me to put that dress on a Barbie, I will gladly do it.

It was snowing when we woke up this morning, but it wasn't supposed to snow all day, so the kids had school. Emily was happy to go to school because her class was having a sub in the morning and then if they were good for the sub, they were going to a magic show at the High School in the afternoon with their teacher. Emily was very excited! She brought home some homemade silly putty and was happy about her day. Zoe however kept checking the computer in the morning to see if our school had cancelled for the day, but was disappointed each time. She couldn't understand why she was having school when there was a blizzard outside!

Matt and I went out to dinner this evening to our local Chinese restaurant! My Mom watched the kids (and even got them ready for bed and in bed, except for Zoe, before we got home!!). Everyone was happy to have our date night back. :-)


Dawn said...

I have been thinking about printing off my blog posts to have a diary. That was nice of your mom.

One of my nieces posted a picture of her little guy in somewhat the same naughtiness as Kate - go here and have a look.

So cute! Was everybody sneezing??

Kris said...

I'm glad you got your date night! That is great.

It's funny Kate is already big enough to be into such mischief. Time flies!

Abby said...

Whoa! That looks SOOOO Familiar. In my house is was the giant Costco bottle of black pepper AND the lemon pepper. It's one of those things that makes you stop and say, "Yep, not only do children live here, they are in charge of my schedule to boot."