Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Catch up

Let's start with yesterday since I couldn't motivate myself to write last night...and there was also the fact that Matt was glued to the computer getting the Michigan Primary updates hoping Romney would win...and he did. :-)
Zoe stayed home from school yesterday. She went to bed the night before with a sore throat and she woke up with a headache and sore throat. She laid around most of the morning, but was feeling better by the afternoon. I played Battleship and Checkers with her that you hook up to the TV. I have found it relaxing and fun to sit down to play these games when I need a break. Matt came home the evening before and found me playing Battleship by myself and he wondered if he should be concerned. I did play the games on and off yesterday, but I also cleaned the bathroom and cleared off our stove that was piling up with papers and magazines, so at least it looked like I had been productive all day.

Matt being the sweet man he is...or maybe he just wanted me out of his hair so he could keep up with the Michigan Primary, called me yesterday before coming home from work and asked me if I'd like to get out of the house for the evening. Of course that sounded wonderful and I ended up going over to my parents' home for dinner and my Mom and I played Phase 10. It was nice to get out of the house. We are down to one car again, which we have been for several months now, so my trips outside the house are limited.

Matt and I have been watching "Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe" the last couple of evenings. We got the disc from Netflix. We used to watch the show when we had cable. Mike is very entertaining, but some of the jobs he ventures into are disgusting! I watched a few episodes with Zoe this evening that I knew weren't gross and they were the ones I slept through last night. She didn't comment on whether she liked the show or not, but I know she enjoyed being able to watch it with me.

Eleanor had a rude awakening this morning. Zoe's laptop Barbie computer fell from the top bunk and hit Eleanor in the cheek. That had to have hurt! Matt put ice on her cheek even though Eleanor fought him, so she only has a minor bruise. I'm glad she wasn't hurt more seriously!

Zoe woke up with a minor stomach ache this morning, but since she missed yesterday and Matt and I weren't convinced she was sick enough to stay home, she went to school. I asked her if something was going on at school that was making her want to stay home, but she said no. I wonder if she has a touch of what Emily went through last week because Zoe came home with a headache today and yesterday she woke up with a headache. Emily's headaches have gone away, so maybe it IS part of a Matt said. One of these days I might learn not to doubt him, but then that would mean I am always wrong and that doesn't seem fair.

I made powdered milk today. Matt thinks macaroni and cheese smells like diarrhea, well I think powdered milk smells like a wet diaper! Eleanor, Zach, and Emily insisted on trying it, but they weren't fond of it either. I think that was the last time I am ever making that stuff. Too funny...Matt just walked through the door and sniffed the air asking, "Is that burnt popcorn or is it macaroni and cheese or something." It's burnt popcorn...I got distracted earlier and forgot it was in the microwave.


Kris said...

I'm glad you got out of the house.. and that was cool that Mitt won! I'm sure Matt was excited. I hope everyone feels well tomorrow...

Cindy said...

My kids hate powdered milk. They'll use it on cereal or mixed with stuff, but that's about it. I like to use it to bake with and stuff like that. I bought some at Walmart while back, though, that they actually liked. They even drank it plain. I have to go get us some more of that!

Give Eleanor's cheek a kiss better. That's such a rude awakening!

I was also glad to see Mitt win!

Oh, our family also loves "Dirty Jobs"! It must to be gross-out factor, because some of those jobs make me want to gag!

Phae-Jae said...

How nice to get out of the house.

My husband and I really like that Mike Rowe guy:) He's a hoot.

Ouch, poor Eleanor. Zoe too.

I'm glad Romney won Michigan. My hub was glued to his laptop that evening.

Have a good Thursday, Joey!

Dawn said...

When I was a young mom and on a very tight budget, I made powdered milk and halfed it with "real" milk - and it had to be VERY cold to be palatable.

I never heard of that show - what cable station was it on?

LaRae said...

I haven't tasted powdered milk since the time I was a kid and spent the night at a friend's house & they ate it for breakfast on their cereal. I couldn't figure out why their milk tasted so nasty! I asked my mom & she told me why. I was so very thankful that we ate regular milk at my house.

I do have a hot chocolate mix recipe that includes a whole box of powdered milk. But, for some reason, the chocolate, creamer, and powdered sugar added to the powdered milk make it taste really yummy!