Saturday, November 03, 2012

Stake Conference

Do we have someone we need to forgive?
We will be more at peace if we forgive.
We are only hurting ourselves when we don't forgive.

Have you felt prompted to ask someone to church or to an activity, but wondered why because the person doesn't seem interested?
Don't give up on people.  The Lord doesn't give up on us.

Invite missionaries into our home to teach family & friends.
The spirit of the Lord will reach our hearts & problems within our homes & branch will resolve themselves.

Are we striving to live the gospel of Jesus Christ?

The Savior asks that we give our all and He will make up the difference.

Revelation & miracles often come after all we can do.
With a proper attitude, prayer & planning, we can do all that we have been asked to do.

We can make it through tough times with the Savior's help.
The atonement of Jesus Christ is real.

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