Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pies made...check!

My pie baking is done for another year.  We have 2 chocolate & 2 pumpkin to dive into tomorrow for breakfast.  We are so excited!  Zoe is looking forward to her brownie pie with frosting that she made today.  The kids & I are going to make our own brownie pie soon because it looks and smells so yummy, but Zoe is not going to share with us tomorrow since we have our other pies to eat and she doesn't.

Zoe played basketball at the church this evening with the guys (young & old).  Morgan is in Connecticut, so Zoe was the only girl, but that didn't bother her.
Emily talked with Kayla at church.  It's nice that Emily will have a dear friend in Young Women's already when she turns 12.

The kids were able to play with Connor & Lauren again today. :-)  Jenn & I were busy getting ready for Thanksgiving while the kids played here for awhile and then at Jenn's.  I love having such a great neighbor!

I love it when the TV is off and the kids play with each other.  Eleanor, Zach & Noah played with legos after lunch.  Zach read Thank You Thanksgiving (our favorite Thanksgiving book) to Noah & Kate this evening.  Then Zach was teaching Kate the words in the book.  So sweet!

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Mal said...

Ugh! I wish I could have been there. That was the plan, but the night before was awful with Finn and Madie--they both woke up! (Madie never wakes up, but Finn's screaming I guess was just too much last night.) Anyway, glad they got to play.