Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I missed it

I renewed my license today, which was pretty quick & painless. Then Noah & I went to the children's museum. We spent most of our time in the Dino Dig. We mostly played in the sand. We dug to the bottom of the sandbox and made a flower or a volcano, depending on who you ask. Zoe had her first basketball game this evening. The kids ate snacks on the way to the game. I gave Noah a wipe before getting out of the car and asked him to please wipe up. Noah's reply, "And shape up?" The best 5 minutes of Zoe's game were in the last period, and I missed them! No more taking the kids to the bathroom during the game! When I left for the bathroom break, we were behind 15ish - 4. We were behind 28 - 20 when I got back into the gym! Zoe was shooting a foul shot when I walked in and she made it. :-) Subs were put in and the comeback was over. We lost. No more bathroom breaks during the games!

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