Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Church Ball

Noah & I ate lunch at Governor's today with my mom. When we brought my mom back to work, Noah noticed trees & branches growing up the side of my mom's building. He wondered why my mom worked in a building that looked like that. Me: "They think it looks good." Noah: "But it really looks bad, right?" I laughed and laughed! He is such a funny little guy!

 Basketball at the church on Wednesday evenings is recruiting new people every week! Eleanor joined in this evening with her friend, Heather. It's fun to hear the friendly competition and laughter in the gym. I played a few games of knock out with the remaining players at the end. I like to shoot baskets, but I've never been a fan of playing the game.

 A new young women's presidency was called a few Sundays ago. Andrea Updike is the president, Anne Dalton is the 1st counselor and Pat Rand is the 2nd Counselor. Andrea, Zoe & Kayla made gingerbread houses this evening.
Emily and Eleanor made Christmas ornaments during Activity Days.
 Zach made a wooden toy soldier during Cub Scouts. Lots of fun craft projects happened this evening!
Kate was so sweet this evening as she helped Lola, who is almost 2 get a drink from the fountain. Kate was so gentle & kind. It was a sweet moment to witness.

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Kate is sweet and gentle and kind?

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