Monday, November 05, 2012

The first day of winter?

Snow flurries this afternoon.  Near blizzard conditions this evening for a few minutes while driving!  Basketball season has begun.  Darkness before 5pm.  It feels like winter.

Noah & I played the funnest game today with Zach & his classmates!  It is called Draw a Monster Game.  You need 2 or more players, one die, one piece of paper & crayons.  Each number on the die equals the part of the monster to be drawn.

6 = head
5 = 5 arms, 1 to be drawn for each throw
4 = body
3 = 3 legs, 1 to be drawn for each throw.
2 = 2 horns, 1 to be drawn for each throw.
1 = 1 tail

Each player rolls the die and draws a bit of the monster.  The kids had so much fun watching their strange creation grow!  There were so many giggles!  Any person who throws a number which has already been used has to forfeit a go.  The winner is the person who adds the final piece of the monster to complete the drawing.  I had the students roll the die to see who got to bring the paper home.  The highest roll won the drawing.  Such an easy, fun math game!  :-)

Zach has been saving his chore money for a little teddy bear that he saw at Build A Bear.  We went to the mall this evening, so he could buy the bear of his dreams.  He loved having his own money to spend!  I loved it, too. :-)  Eleanor spent her money on a betta fish & food.  I chipped in for the special drops for the water and we stopped at my parents' house on the way home to pick up the fish bowl that we were storing in their attic.  Eleanor is super excited to take care of her fish, which she has named Misty!  Emily bought some jewelry with some of her money.  The kids have done a great job paying tithing and I want to open savings accounts for them soon.  I would love to see them get into the habit of spending 80% of their earnings.  It would be a huge blessing to them throughout their lives.

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