Thursday, November 29, 2012

Traveling around Maine

Kim & I met up at the Keating's home to go visit with a few sisters in our branch.  We went from Surry to Center Harbor to see Marilyn.  Marilyn is a smart & fun 80ish year old woman who has a beautiful view of the ocean.  We had so much fun visiting that we were late leaving to go see Wanda who lives in Surry.  Thanks to Google Maps, we found our way without getting lost.  We had so much fun getting to know Wanda better!  So much fun that we were late leaving her home, so I could pick up my grandmother to bring her to a doctor's appointment and pick up the kids from school.  We rushed back to the Keating's, so Kim could get her car and head back home.  I decided to pick Kate up first to give myself an extra 10 minutes, which worked out perfect.  I got there right on time.  I picked up my grandmother and then Emily, Eleanor & Zach.  I dropped the kids off at home (Noah spent the day with my mom, & Zoe had a basketball game) and then headed to Brewer for my grandmother's appointment.  Rush, rush, rush.  Once we got there, that was my time to breathe and relax for a bit!  We even did some shopping at Walmart without rushing.  I brought my grandmother home and then met my mom at my house.  Back into the car to bring Emily to practice and then head to Castine to visit with lovely Wendy.  It was too short of a visit, like all of the visits today!  We picked Emily up, stopped at the grocery store for a few items and then my mom treated Emily to McDonald's, but shhh that is a secret!
Even though it has been a super busy day, it is a day that leaves me feeling good. :-)

Zoe's Game Update...My mom, Noah & Matt watched the game. Zoe scored 6 points.  Yay!  They played Surry and won 50 something to 2.  Ouch.  After halftime, the score went back to 0 - 0, but Surry didn't score at all during the second half.

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