Friday, November 09, 2012

Middle School Happenings

Flute playing Zoe brought home a baritone saxophone today from school.  The case is huge!  Zoe has been wanting to play the baritone saxophone since last year, but the bari saxophone fairy never came.  Well, Mrs. Birmingham commented that it would be nice to have the bari saxophone played in the winter concert and she asked if someone would like to play it.  Zoe jokingly raised her hand and Mrs. Birmingham was delighted to see that someone was interested!  I have no doubt that Zoe can play the bari saxophone.  She has a gift with music and she enjoys playing different instruments.  I'm glad she is having this experience!

Zoe & Emily both made a middle school basketball team!  Zoe is on the A Team with Coach Lori Frost and Emily made the B Team with Coach Lexie Brann.  I'm excited for the games to begin!

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