Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mouse Catcher

When the kids & I got home this afternoon, I noticed an unfamiliar cat near the shed.  It pounced toward a hill of grass and came up with a mouse.  Sweet!  This cat is a keeper...a staying outside and fending for itself kind of keeper.  Oh, and not getting into our trash and stop peeing everywhere kind of keeper.

I'm a fan of buying pie crusts that are already made when I make my pies.  However, I made a pie crust today during our Relief Society activity and I think I might be hooked on making my pie crusts now.  We'll see.

It is these back to back basketball practice days that I don't miss at the end of the season!  I pick the kids up from school and leave Zoe who has practice.  I load all the kids up in the car to go get Zoe an hour and a half later and to drop Emily off.  Then I bring everyone home and go back to get Emily an hour and a half later.  Back and forth, back and forth!  I love watching Zoe & Emily play basketball, though!  It is my favorite sport to watch them play.  :-)

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