Sunday, November 04, 2012

My kids are great!

I am grateful that Matt & I came home to clean kids & a clean home last night.  Zoe is an awesome babysitter!

I am grateful for the extra sleep and extra time to get ready this morning.  :-)

I am grateful for Zoe's help this morning.  She helped Kate get ready by picking out her dress and doing her hair.  She also helped with Eleanor's outfit.  It is so much fun when big sisters share their accessories!

I am grateful that Emily put together a snack for all the kids to eat after Stake Conference.

It was interesting to hear about the increase of missionaries expected in our stake due to the fact that young men can now go on a mission when they are 18 and young women can go when they are 19.   We now have 1 pair of elders in our branch, but within months we could have another pair of elders or a pair of sisters.  I loved it when we had sisters living in Bucksport!  Some wards and branches could have 3 or 4 pairs of missionaries!  Exciting!

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