Monday, February 13, 2012

A new tradition

Kate received her special birthday cereal a week late! This is a new idea for birthdays this year. When I stopped buying sugar cereal for the kids and switched to healthier cereal, I told them that on their birthday they could have 1 box of whatever cereal they wanted. Kate has some very jealous siblings right now! Noah kept saying how his birthday is too far away and will never come! They all want sugar cereal! The birthday girl or boy can share if they want to, but they only get 1 box.

Kate, Noah & I brought Grammie to her doctor's appointment this morning and then we ran a few errands. We went to Dysart's for lunch and it wasYUMMY! I had been craving an omelet from there, so it was delightful to satisfy that craving. :-)

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Kris said...

That is a cute picture of Kate. I like making my birthday last, too! :)

Great job Zoe on your personal progress! That is awesome. I would have loved to hear you talk in sacrament meeting.

It sounds like everyone is well again (knock on wood) so that is good news. And good news from first grade too! :)