Monday, February 27, 2012

The Magic Number is

98! Matt & I met with Zoe's teachers this afternoon and she is getting a 98 in each class! All of her teachers say she is an excellent student who works hard and stays on task. Keep up the great work, Zoe!

Zach told us during dinner this evening that he loves eating together as a family and that he loves us so much! So sweet and I agree! Zoe loves my new goal to have a meal planned for each dinner. She loves it when I cook a meal. We had gotten into the habit of everyone just getting what they wanted to eat since Matt & I are limited to what we can eat. Plus, I'm not good at meal planning. I would cook a meal occasionally, but more often than not it was survival of the fittest. Now I am planning meals that we can all eat together, so we can have the family dinner time together, eat healthier, and try new foods. It was fun to hear positive feedback from the kids about this plan. :-)

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Mal said...

That's great your kids love mealtimes! I know I always loved having family dinners--it was pretty rare for not everyone to be there. I know what you mean though, it's hard to plan meals. It helps that I plan about a week in advance so I can get all the stuff I need. It also helps because I'm not scrounging around 30 minutes before for some idea. It ALSO helps because it makes sure we're not having chicken and rice every night. Haha!