Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Valentine's Day

The kids woke up to yummy treats this morning. :-)

Kate had her picture taken at Walmart. :-) I'll show you the adorable pictures next week when I get them. She was very cooperative as she happily posed for the photographer. Noah is not liking the fact that he has to wait until July to do all these fun birthday things that Kate is doing now!

Thank you Grandma for picking out such a cute dress!

Kate, Noah & I spent some time with Zach at school. When we got there, his class was passing around a box that held all the Valentine cards that the kids had brought in. The children and Ms. Murauckas took turns pulling out a card, reading the card, and then handing the card to whoever it belonged to. It was a bit more chaotic than that, but that is how it was supposed to go.

Then the kids helped to make a fruit salad. The fruit salad was served first before the cookies and candy. Zach passed on the healthy food and waited for the goodies. I wasn't surprised. Kate & Noah had some healthy food, though.

The kids had a little bit of time to look at their cards before Art.

Eleanor & Zach had sign language class after school and Zoe & Emily stayed for open gym at Miles Lane. Open gym is really an off season basketball practice with their gym teacher who is also the B team coach. The girls will improve their game and it is great exercise for them. :-)

Eleanor shut the car door on her pinkie this afternoon. :-(

My gift today was being able to go watch the High School Lady Bucks win their tournament preliminary game. They are going to the tournament!

A picture of Zoe and the Valentine suit.

I hope you had a fun Valentine's Day!

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Mal said...

What a cute little dress! Poor Ezra's birthday is in November and he can totally commiserate with Noah. Obviously, since he's learned how a year works, he doesn't care too much about it now. But man, when he was younger and Jake's birthday would roll around in May, he's spend the rest of the year counting down to his birthday.