Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Vacation Day

My Mom, Grandmother, Rachel & I went to Governor's for breakfast and then we went to Women's Conference. I had a fun, uplifting day!
I line danced.
I got motivation to use my time more wisely.
I ate lunch with my Aunt Tonia, Patti, Cheryl, my Grandmother, my Mom, Kristen & Rachel.
Patti, Aunt Tonia, my Mom & I talked about our Florida trip that is coming up in a couple of weeks. We are EXCITED!
I wrote and posted on the Good Works curtain about a service that I did a few weeks ago. I watched Sunshine's kids, so she could attend Branch Council.
I received a compliment on the decluttering class I taught last year. That made my day. :-)
I got motivated to try new food and to get my children to try new food. This was my favorite class. The presenter, JaNeal was fun and she had a lot of great things to say. I wasted no time in applying what she taught. We ate dinner together as a family (something she strongly encourages) and I offered the same food to everyone (eliminating the role of short order cook). Emily discovered that she LOVES pastrami. The other kids prefer pastrami over roast beef. JaNeal suggests trying new treats as well to encourage trying new foods, so I bought nutty peanut butter bars that we have never had before. Eleanor first noticed the new treat and she loved that we are not just trying new healthy foods. All of the kids are happy that treats are still included in our new way of eating! I say new, but we have tried this several times before and we always end up back where we started. JaNeal has a No Thank You rule that I didn't need to try tonight, but I will in the future. Everyone needs to take one bite of the new food. After that, a child can say no thank you if they do not want any more. A variety of foods are put on the table during mealtime to allow the kids to eat what they are comfortable with while trying something new. Honestly, my kids are picky eaters because I am a picky eater. I will broaden my horizons as I encourage them to do the same.
I raised my hand in a vote of thanks as our Stake Relief Society Presidency was released. I raised my hand in favor of Cheryl Beveridge from the Rock land ward as our new Stake Relief Society President. Nancy Raymond is her counselor. I was just saying this morning how I thought our Stake Relief Society Presidency would be released soon. I had no idea it would happen today!

After dinner, Zoe, Emily, Eleanor & I went over to my parents' to watch the Eastern Maine Class C Girls High School championship game. Zoe, Emily & Eleanor were rooting for Central (the team that beat our team) while Mom & I rooted for Stearns. Stearns has an exchange student from Austria on their team. She played on a national team in Austria, so she is good. Stearns wasn't able to beat Central, though. They lost by 1 point!

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