Thursday, February 23, 2012

Playland Adventures vs The Maine Jump

The kids & I tried something new today. We went to Playland Adventures in Brewer, which is like The Maine Jump. Only more expensive and not as good. There is a bounce house price and then you can do additional activities for $2 - $3 each. Of course there are more additional activities than the bounce houses. You can pay more and spend 2 hours doing everything, but that was way too expensive for 6 kids! I paid the bounce house price and then I let each child do 1 additional activity. They all picked the wrecking ball.

Emily & Noah didn't know the girl in the blue sweatshirt, but they had fun playing with her at this activity.

Here are the bounce houses.

Here are the additional activities. Much more fun looking!

If I ever go back, I will take 2 kids with me and get the do everything for 2 hours deal. That would still be expensive, though. I can get 2 kids into the Maine Jump on a Tuesday for $8 and they can play on all of the bounce houses (unless they are older than 4 then they are banned from the toddler area) and they can stay as long as they want. It will cost $30 to get into Playland Adventures for an hour of bounce house fun and then an hour of additional fun. That is a big price and time difference!

Overall, the kids had fun today. There was quite a bit of pouting and whining because they couldn't do everything they wanted to, but they did have fun when they were playing. :-)


Martie said...

Your family does so many fun things! Our town has almost no family activities and there are only tiny towns nearby. We would have to drive quite far for a change. I always loved that about the east. There was always plenty to do.

You have such a beautiful family!

jo4 said...

You can no longer being own coffees either. Now have to pay ridiculous amount of money for kcup that's not as good as real dunkin donuts. Will not go back. They just lost 75 $ ir more per visit because of greed

eena said...

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