Friday, February 03, 2012

We are good at sharing

Noah had a rough night last night, but he bounced back after he woke up this morning. Kate had a peaceful night, but a miserable day! It took her awhile to throw up, so she felt awful most of the morning. She kept saying how it was the worst day ever! I'm hoping that after a good night's rest, she'll be back to herself again.

Zoe, Emily, Eleanor, my Mom & I went to the movie night at the Miles Lane School this evening to see Dolphin Tale. None of us had seen the movie. It was hard to hear at times, but overall we enjoyed the movie. We want to watch it again to catch the parts we missed. Kate & Noah stayed home with Matt because they are/were sick, but Zach wanted to stay home. Power Rangers sounded more fun to watch! I don't let them watch Power Rangers very often, so Zach wasn't going to let that opportunity pass him by.

My Mom is no longer walking around with a boot on her leg. She now has a brace that she wears with her shoe. She is so happy to not have the boot on anymore!

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