Saturday, February 04, 2012

Dad Time

No vomit today. :-)

Eleanor and Matt had one on one time. They went to Bangor to run some errands. Eleanor bought Kate a birthday present. Matt bought Eleanor yummy m&ms. Matt also bought supplies to fix our broken front door. It has experienced children trying to push through it without turning the handle too many times! Matt fixed the door this evening and then demonstrated for everyone how to GENTLY open the door.

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Mal said...

Whenever we slammed the door--for any reason really but especially when we were upset--my dad would make us go/come back and open and close it a number of times softly until he was satisfied then sent us on our way. Not only did it teach us how to close a door but it was embarrassing enough to be called back after our fury and stand there stupidly opening and closing a door that we'd usually think twice about how we closed it the next time.

But your kids probably don't get as angry as the kids in my family. At least I hope not--I wouldn't wish that on anyone!