Friday, February 17, 2012

Fun Friday

Kate, Noah & I went over to Sunshine's to celebrate Kristen's 40th birthday with Sunshine, Kim, Cheryl, Jessica, Anne & Linda. Jessica made yummy omelets, Anne brought a yummy egg casserole (that I didn't eat because it has bread in it) and we had fruit. We all fit around Sunshine's table and we talked and we laughed. It was a fun start to the day!

The fun continued after school. We made chocolate chip cookies to celebrate the start of February vacation! The kids have a week off from school. We will be out and about having more fun! Movie theater, Children's Museum, Maine Jump, Basketball Tournament and "Dinosaur Pool" are on our list of things to do. :-)

Kate & Noah are staying over with my parents this evening. They were super excited about that today!

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