Sunday, February 05, 2012

Candy...A Great Motivator!

Matt stayed home with Eleanor today. She didn't throw up, but her body was achy and she slept most of the day.

Sharing Time went really well today. We talked about how the prophet Noah was blessed for choosing the Right. The kids were a bit wound up, but they listened and participated for the most part when they were expected to.

After church, Zoe was raving about her new Sunday School teacher. He makes up a crossword puzzle or word search or a different type of puzzle for the kids to complete at the end of class for review. When they complete the puzzle, they get rewarded with candy! The puzzle answer today told where the candy was hid. After church, the youth went to search for their candy. When they found it, they brought it into the Primary room to divide it up. It was fun to see them laughing and bonding together.

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