Saturday, February 18, 2012

Friends, Basketball & a Movie

We had some friends over today to play. Alea, Anna & Eleanor got along great! I was nervous that someone would get left out at some point, but that never happened. :-) Daisy came over to hang out with Emily, and Zoe hung out with them, too.

My Mom, Zoe, Emily & I went to the Bangor Auditorium to watch a few basketball games this afternoon. The first game was a boys game...MDI against Camden Hills. I was hoping for a close game and I got it! MDI won by 1 point! The girls game...Presque Isle against John Bapst wasn't as exciting. We left at halftime when Presque Isle was ahead 46 to 7! We ate dinner at the Ground Round and stopped at the grocery store before coming home. Zoe & Emily are staying the night with my parents, so they came home long enough to pack up and go.

I got my new bag today that I ordered from my Mom's Thirty One party. I LOVE IT!

I never made it to the movie theater to see "Breaking Dawn" (Matt calls it Breaking Doom...the vampire kissing movie), so I just watched it on our big screen. A fun ending to a fun day. :-)

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