Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Leisure Time flies by!

It has been stressing me out that I have a few hours of leisure time at night and A LOT of things I want to do during that time. I am reading "Increase in Learning" by Elder Bednar. This is part of my goal this year to read all of the books on the Time Out For Women Book club list. Plus, I have recently become addicted to buying bargain books at Deseret Book, so I have a few of those to read as well. I didn't look at my Deseret Book email this week, so I wouldn't buy another book! I am also addicted to the email updates from Glenn Beck. I like watching the videos of recent clips from his radio and TV programs. The emails are piling up from Glenn Beck and I really want to get through each one. I signed up to take a free online course...Constitution 101 from Hillsdale College. I want to watch the 5 videos that are from the introductory to the constitution course before my class starts on Monday. Then starting on Monday, I'll be using leisure time for my class. Hmmm...looks like I need more leisure time or I need to use the time I have very wisely!

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Courtney @ Ordinary Happily Ever After said...

I can't wait to read Increase in Learning. It's on my list.

I'm addicted to Glenn Beck too. We subscribe and I have GBTV on in the background while I clean and do chores :) I LOVE Real News with the Blaze!

I also signed up for the Constitution 101 class :) I love Hillsdale. I wish they offered a History degree long distance.