Thursday, April 05, 2012

The War Within

I have had a hard time lately with my goal to be sugar/white flour free for the year. I stayed true to my goal, but not without some depression and a lot of debates in my head lately about whether to stick with my goal or not. After talking with a lady I know, I took her advice and modified my goal instead of totally giving up on it. This evening before going out to eat with my Mom, I decided to take a day off once a month to eat whatever I want. This evening was my first day off. This was a risk because in the past, I have tried taking a day off from eating healthy and I never went back to eating healthy. I set this goal for myself at the beginning of the year because I was in the habit of eating mostly unhealthy food. Diet plans that had worked for me in the past weren't working anymore. I needed a long term commitment. Eating anything I wanted last year was fun, but it didn't take long to become overweight and to feel blah. Right now, after an evening of eating what I wanted, I feel motivated again to be sugar/white flour free. I feel so much better when I eat healthy, so I will take a day off here and there to help me remember that.

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