Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Good for the soul

We started our morning watching "Seeker and Fetch". Then all the kids, except Zoe made cards and pictures with glitter. This was an outside project!

The anonymous artists!

After lunch, Zoe & Emily went to an indoor pool in Ellsworth with Caitlin & Cassidy. The rest of us went downtown to get ice cream at the Dairy Port with my grandmother. A man ordering ice cream next to us said to his friend, "This is not good for the diet, but it is good for the soul." So true! We ate by the waterfront, which was just perfect. The kids enjoyed walking around and doing cartwheels on the grass. After dropping my grandmother off at her apartment (Noah calls it her hotel), the kids & I went to the park. We played for awhile and then we walked to the waterfront. We walked along the path to the fountain. The fountain is not up and running yet and I didn't have any coins to throw into the fountain, but the kids still had a great time playing around the fountain. The kids were quite tired when we got back to the park! Noah wanted to go on the tire swing one more time, though before heading home.

We were all home for dinner again this evening. :-)

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Martie said...

You guys do so many cool things together!