Saturday, April 28, 2012

Some dreams DO come true

I took our girls to see the Cinderella Ballet this afternoon at Peakes Auditorium in Bangor. I had a thought earlier in the day to ask our friend Jessica and her daughter Alea to go with us. Jessica knew about it and I found out that Alea really wanted to go, but they weren't planning on going since Justin was out of town and wouldn't be around to watch the younger kids. I offered to have Alea come with us and it worked out that Alea & her friend Bella were able to watch the ballet with us. Yay! It made me happy that Alea's dream came true today!
The best part of the ballet was... The "horses" (Zoe). I liked the horses, too. They were cute and they tap danced! The step sisters (Emily). They were funny! I can't remember what Eleanor said, but I do remember her getting teased by her older sisters about liking the prince. I don't recall Eleanor ever denying that... The "Fireflies" (Kate) I thought the "pumpkins" were cute, too. Eleanor & Kate have been dancing around all evening. Kate loved the ballet, but now she is ready to see a play with talking! I'm glad the girls & I were able to have a fun outing together with friends today. :-)

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