Saturday, April 21, 2012

Stake Conference Weekend

The last day of youth conference was today.  The youth had an uplifting end to their conference.  They read the entire Book of Mormon this morning as different groups were assigned different parts to read.  Then they met with Elder Ellis from the Seventy who is here for Stake Conference.  I enjoyed listening to him this evening.

Zoe was supposed to get her picture taken today at Walmart, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.  The 12:00 appointment was waiting for their turn when we got there.  There was a woman who was very upset because for the past 5 weeks she has stopped at the studio to pick up her pictures and the pictures are never there.  The angry lady left and the 12:00 appointment had their turn.  Zoe & I sat down to wait.  50 minutes later (1:50pm), the lady comes out and asks how she can help us.  I told her that we were her 1:00 appointment. That surprised her. We were in the computer, though. She informed us that she needed to take her mandatory 2-3pm lunch break, so we would need to reschedule. I have been going to the Walmart Picture Studio since Zoe was a baby. This was my worst experience! Zoe was happy to reschedule because she was having a bad hair day and she doesn't want her picture taken at all!

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