Saturday, April 21, 2012

Beautiful Day

We went to the Bass Harbor Ferry this morning
to take a ride (the kids' first time)

to Swans Island!
What gorgeous views on a beautiful day!  This is the most eastern point on the island.

We ate lunch with the Ellison's.  Shrimp quiche, salad, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, brownies & ice cream. :-)
The kids ate first and then they watched the 4th Ice Age movie while the adults ate.
We visited a lighthouse.
The kids loved riding Rose's wheelchair lift.  I didn't get a good picture of Rose when we were at the house.  :-(

We ended our day at the beach to look for sea glass.  We found some clear, blue & green pieces.

We had a delightful day on the island with the Ellison's! A beautiful day with a wonderful family!

Matt had another day at youth conference. He wasn't home for datenight, but the kids insisted that I go out anyway.  So, I went for a walk along our waterfront.  We live in a beautiful part of Maine, too!  Then I went to visit my parents.  My Mom & I played a game of Phase 10 and then we watched "Beauty and the Briefcase."  It turned out to be a fun datenight for me!

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Dawn said...

Looks like you maneuvered your way through the minefield of the changes. WHY???? I just don't get why they have to "fix" things that weren't "broken"! Yuck. A blog friend told me she heard a way to stop it - at least temporarily.

What a fun day for you guys - the kids are all getting so big. I thought that was you, but it was Zoe on the first picture - I had to count the kids to be sure it wasn't you sitting there with them. So grown up.

We're hoping to get back out there for the golf tourney again in the summer. Dwight was just there visiting the kids for a few days and they had a great time together, though not so warm.

I hope you can plant some memories soon too!