Sunday, April 15, 2012

A new favorite speaker

I bought a talk on CD when I was in Florida called, "I Love My Friends!" by Hank Smith. I had never heard of Hank Smith, but I liked the topic of the CD, so I bought it. The kids, Rachael & I listened to this CD on the way to church today and we finished it on our way home. We laughed as we listened to the entire CD! Hank Smith tells great stories and he is FUNNY! The talk is geared toward teenagers, but I enjoyed it just as much as the kids. We all want to hear more from Hank Smith! I am so glad he has 6 other CDs for us to enjoy!

My favorite part of primary today was when Noah & I acted out the word love. I had Noah walk away from me and then run into my arms for a big hug. Then Zach guessed the word love right off. I love my kids!

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