Thursday, April 12, 2012

The 10 minute scare

I received a call this morning from the Miles Lane school asking me if Eleanor was home sick. Um...I don't know because I'm not home. I called Matt to see if Eleanor was in fact home sick, but he said that he watched her get on the bus to go to school. Panic time!...Where is Eleanor?! I called the school back and they checked with Mrs. Wight again and Eleanor was found in class where she had been all along. I guess she was marked absent because she forgot to sign in. Panic over.

Here are a few landmarks that we have enjoyed seeing on our way to and from Camp Kieve. Kate & Noah know we are super close to the hotel when they see the star building.

Kate & Noah each took a picture of a star. So, we have Kate's star...

And Noah's star...

We have also enjoyed seeing this lobster every day!

Tomorrow will be our last day to see these sights. Noah is ready to go home and swing and Kate is ready to play on the computer. I am ready to see Emily, Eleanor & Zach! I won't see Matt until Saturday, though because he leaves for a Scout campout tomorrow. :-(

1 comment:

Kris said...

I'm glad the scare was only 10 minutes!

It's so cool that you've made this week work for Zoe and for you. Way to go. It sounds like a great experience from the Kieve blog!

I'm sure everyone will be very happy to settle in at home again after a kooky week :)