Thursday, April 19, 2012

Swim Day

Zoe & Emily had another fun day swimming with Caitlin & Cassidy. The rest of us went swimming at the "Dinosaur pool". Now that Zach is 7, he can be in the water without me. He tried taking the deep end test today, but he needs to get a bit stronger before he can pass. That upset him, but he cheered up when he was able to go in the middle section with Eleanor.

Youth Conference started today in Bangor, so that is where Matt has been all day. He is in charge of the dances, so hopefully the first dance went well this evening.

My Mom came over right before dinner this evening, so she stayed and ate with me & the kids. She had a tough afternoon talking to different foreign people trying to get Zoe's new phone to work. It was working fine and then all of a sudden it wouldn't work anymore. Thanks to my determined, patient Mom, Zoe has a working phone again. :-)

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