Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cash please

I sold 3 gold rings today that I haven't worn in years and they were just taking up space. I got $120 for them. Sweet!

 I know a little bit more about Zoe's track meet. She did the long jump, which she has no desire to do again. She placed 3rd in the high jump, which seems to be her favorite event. She ran the 400 and she ran in the relay. She didn't want to do the relay, but her coaches noticed that she is fast, so they put her in the relay. You can see some of the results from the meet here.  Click on the Girls meet in Brewer on 4/25/12.

Emily and Eleanor made it to the right softball practice this evening. :-)

I enjoyed a little bit of solitude and quiet this evening while I watched "Glenn Beck." Such a rare moment!

This is my new favorite children's book.
Side note...I haven't loved this new blogger format, but I do love how this book picture just appeared exactly where I wanted it. Usually, the pictures end up at the top of the page and then I have to move them. Anyway...back to the book. You can find the book here. It is a great toddler/preschool/early grade school book that has the children follow directions and then fun things happen!

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