Friday, April 27, 2012

Got milk?

My sweet parents are having all of our kids over for a sleepover this evening. :-)  Matt & I went to Bugaboo Creek for dinner.  We had our final awesome discount due to our messed up rewards card.  We paid $.43 plus tip for our meal!  Bugaboo Creek now has a new rewards program, so they threw our old card away and gave us a new one.  It was fun to get some awesome benefits from our last card, but I really hope this new card works right! As our card issue was being looked at, a waitress came over with two glasses of milk. She said a family across the room wanted to buy us a drink. What? I had a flash back of when I took the kids to Bugaboo Creek one time and a family we didn't know paid for our meal. Matt & I looked to see who this mysterious family was and we saw the Phelps! We had fun chatting with them on our way out. :-)

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