Sunday, April 29, 2012

Something in the air

Matt went to a unit conference in Brewer today and the rest of us went to church in Ellsworth. I had the thought this morning that Matt should take Noah with him, but I never suggested it to Matt. During Sacrament meeting when Noah was whiny, which was for most of the meeting, my Mom leaned over to me and said that Noah should have went with Matt! In Primary, I taught Emily's class and that went pretty well. Then I filled in for Kate & Noah's class and not too far into the lesson Kate let me know that it was the worst class ever! She was a mean, grump for most of the class. My Mom taught Zach's class and that was a challenge! Usually, Zach is still and quiet, but not today. He wasn't the only one. It was a tough day for us Primary leaders! The good news is that the Sunday after a tough one is usually better.

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Kris said...

I'm sorry it was a rough church day. I so admire/am grateful for the women who serve in the Primary with my kids and know it's not easy! It's probably even harder with your own kids too.

The outing to the ballet sounds very fun! Always great to make someone's dream come true :)