Saturday, June 25, 2011

Together Again

My plan for this evening was to have the kids in bed by 7pm since they have been up super late since Wednesday night, but it is after 8pm now and they are still up. I'm anxious to update here, get the kids in bed, and read my good book. I am reading "Working it Out" by Abby Rike thanks to Grandma Dawn. I am halfway through the book and reading every chance I get, which isn't as often as I'd like!

Matt & Zoe were supposed to come home today from Girls Camp, but they arrived last night instead. Rain sums up Girls Camp this year. Non-stop rain. Zoe's advice for next year is to check the weather before camp! Zoe liked everything about camp, except getting soaked at night. The leaders decided to end camp last night instead of this morning, so there would be one less cold, wet night to endure. The kids and I stayed over at my parents' house last night, so we weren't here when Matt and Zoe arrived home. I did know that they would be home early, though because Matt had called me.

Daisy and Anna came over to play yesterday and all the kids got along great, which was nice. I was able to putter around the house and read. :-) In the afternoon, my Dad watched Eleanor, Zach, Kate, and Noah while I brought Emily to Walmart to have her picture taken. Emily tries to avoid my camera now when I have it out, but she cooperated for the photographer and her picture came out very nice.

I played Phase 10 with my parents last night and my Mom & I watched "Sabrina". We have seen the movie several times before, but it is one we can watch over and over again. The older girls did a great job staying in "their" room and watching the Disney Channel while we watched our movie, but the younger kids kept coming downstairs to drink Grammie's water and to watch the movie with us.

We came home this morning and were very happy to have Matt and Zoe home with us again! Since Matt and Zoe brought the rain home with them (It had been cloudy and cool since they left, but it hadn't rained), we decided it was a good movie day. We went to see "Cars 2" at the movie theater. So did a lot of other people in the area! We wondered if we would all be able to sit together since we were near the end of the line to get in, but there were plenty of seats for us to sit together. Zoe, Emily, and Eleanor ended up sitting in a different spot than the rest of us, but that was by choice. We ended up seeing the movie in 3D, which wasn't the original plan. We thought Noah would be right into the movie since he loves the first Cars movie, but the 2nd movie doesn't have Dinoco Blue and he wasn't fond of wearing his 3D glasses. Zach enjoyed the movie and he tried to keep up with all of the spies, but he was also thirsty, which distracted him a bit. Kate said she hated the movie, but Kate is often grumpy, so maybe I just asked her at a bad time. The rest of us enjoyed it. Matt and I think that it is a movie that will get better and better the more we see it.

I'm going to note here that Emily, Eleanor, Zach, Kate, Noah, my Mom, my Grandmother, and I went to Governor's for lunch on Thursday because I want to record what we do every day this Summer. Zoe claims that we didn't do much last Summer, which I know we did more than she thinks we did and I know if we checked the blog posts from last Summer I could prove her wrong. So, I'll continue to record and let the posts prove me right. :-)

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