Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Matt was just as surprised today as the rest of us when his name was announced to give a talk in Sacrament meeting. He was asked to give the talk awhile ago, but he had forgotten all about it! He did a great job. From the talk he gave, I thought he knew about it, but just hadn't mentioned it.

I had an interesting time with technology today in my Primary class. Plan A was to show a movie clip on my Dad's laptop from, and after some work getting the modem working at the church before my class, the video looked like it was going to work during my class, but then the video became unavailable as I was trying to figure out how to turn the sound up. Plan B was to show a shorter version of the video on the tv using the DVD player, but then we couldn't find the remote to the DVD player to get to the video I wanted to show. Plan C involved zero technology and it worked beautifully...I had the children open their scriptures to Matthew chapter 25 and read about the parable of the Ten Virgins (I was going to have them read after the video) and they answered questions that I had handed out. I wasn't expecting Plan D, but my Mom who is the librarian in our branch brought in another tv and a VCR and that technology did work and we were able to watch the video. The kids were very patient considering they were anxious to get to the part of the lesson where we made lamps out of playdoh. :-)

We had a nice dinner with my parents and my grandmother after church.

I hope all the wonderful Dads had a great Father's Day!

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janerickson said...

Thanks for the great father's day pictures! What a great family day. I would have loved to hear that talk. Cute pic of you & your dad.