Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monster Suburban

Matt bought a suburban yesterday. I call it the monster suburban because it has a monster energy drink sticker on the back of it. Matt has been debating for awhile now on what type of vehicle to get to replace his saab. It will be nice to have another vehicle that will fit our entire family. Right now, Matt's suburban only seats 6, but when he gets the 3rd row seat, it will fit 9. At this point, the saab is still running, when it feels like it, so Matt will drive the saab as much as he can until it completely dies or the weather turns cold and snowy. There have been two times in the past few weeks when Matt has driven his car to work and then it wouldn't start again. The first time this happened, Matt had his saab towed to Dave's, but then it started right up, so they couldn't tell what was wrong with it. It wouldn't start again yesterday, so Matt called Dave's in the afternoon, but they hadn't picked it up yet when he got to work this morning, so he tried starting it and it started. It is at Dave's now and they are going to take a look at it again to see why there are times when it just won't start.

The kids and I went to see "Kung Fu Panda 2" at the $1 theater. The kids really liked it. This is turning into a movie summer!

We stopped at the Brewer library after the movie. This has become my favorite library.

My sister, Donna and her kids, Aly and Philip arrived today. Donna is heading back to North Carolina tomorrow evening, but Aly and Philip will be staying with my parents until the end of July. Yay!

Aly, Zoe, and Emily retreated into their own room as soon as Aly arrived. The younger kids had fun playing tag with Phil.

Matt picked the younger kids up after work and left Zoe & Emily with me at my parents' to enjoy pizza, talking, and Phase 10. Fun!

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