Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Swimming & A Treasure Hunt

Zoe left this morning for Girls Camp and Matt joined her after work. I hope they both have a great time!

The kids and I went to the pool this afternoon. It is still a bit chilly here, which means the water is COLD, but the kids still had fun. Emily and Eleanor were happy that Daisy and Anna were at the pool, too.

There was a lot of huddling under the towels and blankets when they were out of the water.

We took Emily and Eleanor to Activity Days this evening. I played in the gym with my younger kids, plus Kai, Koa, and Bo. The younger kids were invited to join in a treasure hunt at the end of the activity, which all the kids loved!

Cupcakes are a yummy treasure!

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Dawn said...

It has finally warmed up a bit here - all 4 girls have enjoyed swimming lessons this week so much. Did you see my pictures on FB?

I just posted my 5 year anniversary "celebration" - hardly seems possible! Come on over, if you have a minute to spare.

Both big girls will be going to camp in the next month. They are very excited about that.