Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Latest Pictures

Last week, the younger kids and I had some time to kill before picking up the girls from school, so we stopped at the soccer field to play.

Magic Erasers are my new best friend! Zach is fond of them as well. When he noticed how clean the fridge door was after I cleaned it, he grabbed an eraser and cleaned the doors to the cupboards. Magic in more ways than one!

Noah has started his wish list for his birthday. Whatever he gets that has to do with Cars, he will love!
Eleanor got creative one evening last week and made some pets.
The kids are expected to do a school worksheet every day during the summer. Emily wants to learn more about the ocean and sea animals, so she read about lobsters on Monday. She made some lobsters out of playdoh and then she made an octopus, which likes to eat lobster, like I do. :-)

The town pool opened yesterday and we were there to enjoy it!

We went to the $1 theater this morning. Zoe and Emily went to see "Soul Surfer" while the rest of us saw "Rio". Everyone was very good and they liked the movies they saw.

We also made a stop at the Bangor Library.

Zoe and Matt are packed for Girls Camp. Patti is bringing Zoe, Morgan, and Kayla tomorrow morning and then Matt will head to camp after work. I hope they all have a great time!

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