Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Side Bangs

Zoe and Emily had their first water safety class today. They will take the class during both sessions of swim lessons this summer on Wednesday mornings from 8-9am. A few girls from our softball team are taking the class and a few boys that the girls know from school are also taking the class. The first class went well, but hopefully it will be a bit warmer next Wednesday.

Zach's school is right next to the pool, so the younger kids and I walked over to the school playground. The kids played happily for an hour and then we walked back to the Yukon to meet up with Zoe and Emily.

We spent the day at my parents' house, visiting with Philip, Aly, and Donna. Donna hurt her back yesterday when she stood up to get off the plane, so she has been in a lot of pain since she arrived. She has always had back problems and just a few months ago, she had injections to relieve the pain in her back and she was feeling great...until yesterday. She was not looking forward to her plane ride home this evening. Donna, Philip, and I played a game of Phase 10 standing up this afternoon because Donna didn't want to sit until the plane ride. I hope she is able to see her doctor soon.

Eleanor got her hair cut today. Before...

There were two older sisters in the salon when we arrived and it didn't take them long to adore Eleanor. They were tempted to stick around to see how her hair turned out with her new side bangs, but they left. One of the sisters was under the dryer when Eleanor started to get her hair cut, so then Eleanor wanted to try the dryer, too. Linda is awesome and granted Eleanor her wish.

Eleanor's trim and side bangs, which she absolutely LOVES! I need to take a picture with both of her eyes showing tomorrow and I'll post it.

Zoe informed me this morning that she might have young women's this evening. Sure enough, she did, so Matt came home to watch the kids and I brought Zoe to church. Zoe and Kayla, who are too young to go on the Pioneer Trek each made an apron for Brittyn and her Mom, who are going on the trek. Brittyn made an apron as well. Knowing the girls would be sewing, I knew it would be a long evening. 3 hours. I was glad that I had brought a book to read. I started "The Undaunted" while I waited for Zoe. Both Matt and Zoe have read the book and they enjoyed it. I know I will enjoy it, too.

Zoe and I stopped at Friendly's before coming home. Every time we go to Friendly's on a Wednesday evening, I order a kids' meal that should be $1.99, but they charge me full price. Every time, I point out their mistake and they fix it. Tonight was no different. Although, the waitress thought Zoe wanted the level 2 meal, which doesn't qualify for the discount. I didn't get that because what Zoe ordered wasn't on the level 2 menu and I pointed that out. The waitress still insisted that she received a level 2 meal, but let us have the discount anyway. The next time I bring Zoe, I will make sure I specify level 1. She only has until March to qualify for the kids' meal, so we need to take advantage of it!

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Kris said...

Cute haircut Eleanor!

And the monster surburban is cool - a lot is happening around there! - that's so fun to have some cousins to hang out with for a month :)

Thanks for posting all of the fun pictures and keeping us up to date, Joey!!