Sunday, June 12, 2011

Heading to Girls Camp

Zoe will have her first Girls Camp experience in a few weeks. I called the Stake YW President this evening to let her know that Matt would like to go to Girls Camp as well to help out and to be a Priesthood Representative there. The President doesn't know Matt or myself and she sounded unsure when I talked with her, but she agreed to have Matt go and we hung up. After we talked, I felt unsure about Matt going and wondered if he would be needed and wanted there. Then the Stake YW President called me back and thanked me for calling her and she was thankful that Matt is willing to go to camp. She said that the Priesthood Representative that was supposed to go to camp had called a few hours earlier to say that he couldn't go to camp after all. When she hung up with me, she called her counselor to see if her counselor knew anything about me and Matt and her counselor said that she was just about to call the President to have her call Matt and ask him to be the Priesthood Rep at camp. Patti had talked with the counselor months ago about Matt being interested in going to Girls Camp, but we never heard back from anyone about it. It has been on my mind all day to call the President and let her know that Matt is interested in going. I am so glad that Matt wants to go to camp with Zoe and that he will be filling a need there. :-)

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Kris said...

Wow, lots going on! Zoe will have such a great time at camp!! And even more with Matt there- I still remember dad coming to camp with me.