Monday, June 20, 2011

The Start of Summer Vacation!

At 11:45am on Friday, June 17th all of our kids were on Summer vacation! It was a beautiful day, just perfect for the start of Summer. The kids & I went to get ice cream, we walked along the waterfront to the grocery store to pick up a movie, we went to the park, and then we came home to watch the movie and relax. Zoe taught me how to play "Spit" (a card game) since she wasn't really interested in the movie. The way she plays is different than the rules I read online, but I like her way because you don't have to shout anything and it's less complicated. After a few games, I left Zoe in charge and Matt & I went to see "Soul Surfer". I thought it was a great movie!

Zoe & I went to the temple on Saturday. I went through a session at 11am and then we waited until 2pm for Zoe to join a group. She was going to be with the Bangor Ward from our Stake, so I was excited about that, but then we were told that the Bangor Ward cancelled. We had time to kill until the 4pm group, so we went on an adventure to the Burlington mall. We didn't get lost and we made it back to the temple before 4pm. :-) We both joined the 4pm group and we left the temple at 5:30pm to head home. We stopped in Portland to eat at Cracker Barrel, which was super yummy as always. The service was super quick, too. Zoe & I had a great day. Zoe is excited that her friend, Morgan will turn 12 in August, so we hope that all of the future temple trips will involve them both going. :-)

Emily went to Cassidy's birthday party on Saturday at Moose Point State Park. The rest of the kids spent the day with my parents, so Matt could work outside. The stove is now gone, YAY! Gene came over to look at our land where we plan to build and I think the plan is for him to start digging holes next week. Matt is working on finalizing the house plans.

Today felt like the official start of Summer vacation. No alarm to wake us up and we went swimming!


Ashley said...

That sounds so great, all of it! I am so happy to hear about the plans to start digging a "hole" for the house soon! YOU MUST BE SO EXCITED! I just can't believe that Zoe is 12! I have gifts for the kids birthdays, except the boys I still need to get. Hopefully I will get that off soon. Can you believe Ashley is engaged?! I blogged finally, if you want to read what I have to say about it!

Mal said...

It is so weird to think Zoe can go to the temple. I wish I was there too! (The Boston Temple, specifically. I mean, I have the Oakland temple within a half hour so we obviously go.) Enjoy your summer!