Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Our Land/House Today

I want to take pictures each month of our land/house project to mark our progress. We have yet to get an official building permit (Matt is working on that), so not much has been done on the new house, but we are making progress on clearing.

Matt burned quite a bit of wood this evening, including wood in our dump pile. Now we need to get our old stove and baby swing to the dump!
We are still working on our dirt pile.

We had a discussion during our last Family Council about getting serious about building our new house. The focus the past few months has been on softball, so Matt hasn't been able to accomplish what he set out to accomplish on the new house. The focus for all of us now is to build our house and we all need to take part and help whether it is helping with the house/land projects or helping to watch the younger kids.

This evening, Emily & I went to the Open House at the Middle School,

Can you believe Emily is going into 5th grade???

Matt & Zoe worked outside (Emily & I helped before we left), and Eleanor watched over Zach, Kate, & Noah. The kids have been told that whoever works the hardest and is the most cooperative during the house building just might get their own room! :-) That sparked an interest in a few kids to do all they can to help!

Here are a few pictures of the wildlife we saw today.
Zoe was so happy to find this salamander.

Emily & I saw a snake, but I didn't get a picture of it. I didn't take a picture either of the hummingbirds that fly around us as we work. :-)


Kris said...

Wow, you've posted a lot of great stuff! I love all of Zach & Eleanor's artwork, I need to adopt your photograph/toss plan for some of the end-of-year piles around here - you are smart. And congratulations to the softball champs - exciting!

I can't believe Emily is going to middle school, wow! That will be fun. And the house/land project looks great - what a lot of work just making space! That's awesome it is a family effort!

Phaedra said...

How exciting...to make steps on your home! I love your land--so pretty with all the green!

Martie said...

I'm super excited for you and your family. I hope everything progresses quickly for you! And what a great learning experience for the children!