Thursday, June 09, 2011

Laundry Helpers

Most of our kids are now in charge of doing their own laundry. There has been voiced resistance to this change (straight out refusing to do laundry, threats to wear dirty clothes, and pleading for me to do the laundry one more time and then this change can start), but I have stuck to my decision. Zoe and Emily have clean clothes to wear tomorrow thanks to their hard work today doing their own laundry. :-) Eleanor is looking forward to doing her laundry tomorrow. Noah should do his own laundry since he changes his outfit often and of course gets every piece of clothing dirty that he wears!

I could relate to the comments this evening while Zoe and Emily did their laundry. Comments like..."Why are my clean pajamas in the laundry basket??? I didn't put them there!" I am constantly putting away clean pajamas and clothes that I find in the laundry baskets.
Then I hear, "I am putting clean clothes away...get out! Don't step on my clean clothes!" Oh yes, the joy of children flopping on clean clothes while trying to put them away. Welcome to my world.


Janae said...

HAha! I love it:) my girls are in charge of their own laundry also. It helps a ton...yet I still seem to have tons of laundry! it never ends at our house:(

Mal said...

Amen! I say once they're tall enough to reach all the knobs--even if they're using a stool--it's time. Mum and dad had me, Lex, and Levi start doing our laundry when I was maybe eight, so Alexa was ten and Levi twelve or thirteen. I think all of us liked it better--I always knew where my clothes were and didn't have to wait for anyone else.

Martie said...

Good for you!! I never could understand why mom should run herself ragged wheile the rest of the family kicks back and relaxes and has fun. If we all work together, there is plenty of time for fun for everyone!