Thursday, June 30, 2011

First Day of Swim Lessons

Eleanor, Zach, & Kate had their first swimming lesson of the summer today. Eleanor & Zach went right to their class and right in the water, but Kate was hesitant. She wanted me to go in the water with her. I think having a male instructor was intimidating to her. She finally got in the water and did everything she was supposed to do. This is her "Why are you torturing me, I'm COLD?" look...

The kids do freeze as they sit on the side and wait for their turn. :-(

They handle it well though most of the time. They love to participate when it is their turn.

Eleanor is lucky, she gets to wait in the water.

Zach's instructor is Carrie. Kate wants Carrie to be her instructor. Maybe next session.
All 3 love to jump into the deep end.
Most of the kids in Zach's class were afraid to jump. Not Zach. He got a running start and leaped for joy into the air. It was fun to watch. :-)

Changing the subject here...The kids are expected to read every day this Summer, so the older kids often read to the younger kids. Here is Zoe reading to Noah. So sweet!

We went to the "Dinosaur Pool" this afternoon and we took Aly with us. The kids had a great time. They were content to stay in the water and swim for the entire hour and a half session. It was too chilly to swim outside this afternoon. Note: Not too chilly this morning, though to make the kids get in the water for swim lessons.

Matt took Emily out this evening for a one on one time.

They went to McDonald's for dinner, they went to a bookstore, and they went to the mall where Emily spent some of her birthday money. They had a fun outing together. :-)

The rest of us ate dinner with Mom, Dad, Aly, and Phil. Then my Mom & I played Phase 10 while the kids played and watched tv. It's fun to hang out in the evening when you know you don't have to get up early the next day.

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