Monday, June 27, 2011

Swimming Pictures

Before I get to the pictures, I want you to know that I had a nice talk with my Mom last night(face to face with no children to tend to!). We both needed the time to just sit and talk in a peaceful setting and I say a huge THANK YOU to Matt for making that happen.

I love how I can take pictures with my new camera of my kids who are in the deep end while I am in the shallow end. Emily is in the picture above in the checkered bathing suit and Eleanor is in the picture below with just her head above the water, smiling. She passed the swim test last year to be able to swim in the deep end by herself and she loves swimming with Zoe & Emily & her friends in the deep end!

I can also take close-up shots of ugly bugs. This one flew on me and scared me!
I can capture Noah's inability to use his walking feet!
Kate and Zach have made friends with the lifeguards. They play with whoever is watching over the shallow/middle section. They caught the lifeguards eating yummy cake during one of the breaks, so one of the lifeguards saved 6 pieces of cake for all of our kids to enjoy when we left. Best lifeguards ever!
Today, Noah was flopping under the water on his belly. I was impressed how well he can hold his breath and not need to plug his nose! He may have learned that from his several near-drownings.

Today has been the hottest pool day yet, in the 80's, which was awesome! Being at the pool is relaxing to me. Yes, I am constantly following Noah around and keeping an eye on all the kids, but I am content in the warmth of the sunshine. I often tell Matt these days that my heaven will be warm! I enjoy a little bit of heaven every time I am warm. I like to be warm. :-)

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Kris said...

Great pictures! I love relaxing at the pool too. The kids are all so cute - and good swimmers!

I'm glad Matt and Zoe made it back from camp safe and sound, but bummer about the rain. I remember my first girls' camp being very rainy at least one night and the leaders coming to give us a pep talk about being like the pioneers :)

I'm glad you are all enjoying summer and that you had time to talk with your mom!